Hiya Hiya Bamboo Interchangeable Tips

£ 6.45 each
HH CN Bamboo Tip Sizes

Hiya Hiya resin-injected bamboo tips are strong do not warp or splinter and feel warm to the touch making them good for arthritics, these interchangeable tips are lightweight and smooth resulting in stitches that glide effortlessly over points, with the added benefit of no lost needles down the side of the sofa!

Stocked in two lengths - 4 inch which have a size range of 2.75 – 5.5mm and 5 inch were the size extends to 6.5mm

Note tips up to 5mm must be used with Hiya Hiya Small interchangeable cables whilst tips of 5.5mm and larger must be used with Hiya Hiya Large interchangeable cables

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